• Sex Therapy

    Sex Therapy

    Concerned about sexual issues? You don’t have to struggle alone…

    Sexuality is an integral part of one’s daily life that encompasses not only our sex life but also how we feel about ourselves and our relationships. Often people conceptualize sex as a behavior; however, sexuality also encompasses our satisfaction with our relationships, our choice of partners and interactions with them, our ability to connect intimately with others, as well as sexual pleasure, self-esteem, self-image, and emotional and even spiritual wellbeing. Sexual intimacy is one aspect of the true and deep intimacy all human beings long for. Throughout our life cycle, there are many things that can disrupt this vital aspect of our human experience and lead to suffering. However, you don’t need to suffer or struggle silently or alone…

    Sex Therapy is a specialized form of therapy for issues related to sex and sexuality. As a certified sex therapist using an integrative approach, I work with adult individuals – female and male – and couples who have concerns related to:

    • Sexual desire, arousal and orgasm difficultie
    • Differing levels of desire in a couple
    • Sexual confidence and anxiety
    • Sexual shame
    • Sexual pain
    • Premature or delayed ejaculation
    • Erectile problems
    • Sexual challenges involving illness or injury
    • Sexuality and aging
    • Issues regarding sexual orientation and coming out
    • Diverse sexual expressions and lifestyles

    Therapy with a specially trained sex therapist can be a safe place for you to explore your relationship with sexuality. In a culture that is obsessed with sex, yet sexually repressed, there are very few models for healthy sexuality throughout the various stages and experiences of life. Many of us struggle silently with aspects of our own sexuality and feel alone or struggle with shame related to earlier experiences and beliefs. This shame can hinder a healthy experience of sex and sexuality and ultimately the deep intimacy we all desire.  If you long for freedom from struggles related to sexuality, sex therapy can help release you from the shame and stigma you may have experienced so that you can fully embrace yourself as a sexual being.

    Whether you are wondering about some aspect of your sexuality or struggling with low libido, sexual pain, erectile problems or the absence of orgasms, I can help you discover how to have a more enjoyable sexual life in a way that is holistic, honoring and responsible. I respect all orientations and lifestyles. Whatever your concerns, a good sexual life begins with self-knowledge, self-esteem and emotional and physical health. With open effective communication, you and your partner can explore ways to enhance your intimacy and improve your relationship. And if you are not in a relationship, therapy with a specially trained therapist can be an opportunity to heal old wounds and become more confident in your sexuality and wholeness.

    Intimacy Involving Illness

    Serious illness such as cancer changes most aspects of your life – including sex. While so much attention is focused on treatment, nutrition, and survival, the quality of life associated with sexual wellbeing is often overlooked. Bodily changes and the emotional impact of illness often result in body shame and disconnection from the body. This can also lead to a disruption of meaningful and enjoyable intimacy and sex. By addressing the physical changes and the emotions that accompany them, by exploring new ways to be intimate and through good communication with your partner, you can have rich and satisfying intimacy after illness. I can help you (or you and your partner) on your healing journey so that you will experience renewed joy in living and intimacy.

    Enriching Relationships

    Good sexual communication and a strong emotional bond are important keys for lasting fulfilling relationships. Sometimes, couples realize that they have become distant from one another and their relationship is not as satisfying as it used to be. Communication has become dull and ineffective. Sex has become routine and unfulfilling or even non-existent. If this is happening with you and your partner, I can help you co-create a revitalized relationship through effective communication and heartfelt intimate connection and touch. As a result, you can rekindle the sparks of intimacy, restore passion and enjoy a rich loving relationship.

    If you are wondering how an integrative approach to sex therapy might be helpful to you as a single person or as a couple, please call me at 336-298-1222 or use the Contact form.