• Relationship Coaching

    Relationship Coaching

    You want to enhance your life but therapy doesn’t feel like the approach you want to take. You live outside of North Carolina. Not a problem. Coaching could be the solution…

    Coaching is a partnership between client and coach in which clients are guided in a creative process that “inspires them to enhance and maximize their personal and relationship potential”. In a coaching relationship, I work with couples and individuals who are inspired to make some life changes, bring balance to all areas of their lives, and who are ready to create new goals that will give them the life they really want. Coaching is not therapy in that it is not problem-oriented. It is designed for wellness and life enhancement. I help people set clear goals and then serve as motivator (coach) to help them achieve the life they want.

    Relationship coaching helps you enhance your current relationship or prepare you for a conscious relationship in the future. Relationship coaching can take place in person or over the phone or video call. We will discuss your goals and then design an approach to help you make changes that will enhance your relationship and increase your sense of emotional and sexual intimacy. Your goals may include improved communication, compassionate listening, or renegotiating your relationship. If you are not currently in a relationship, coaching can help you prepare for conscious dating and a loving and healthy relationship in the future. The process encompasses the relationships you choose, emotional patterns, your feelings about your body, the way you deal with sexual shame and much more.

    If enhancing physical intimacy is your primary goal, coaching may center around knowing and communicating your desires, gaining knowledge about your body and your partner’s body, sensual touch, exploration of new sexual expressions, increased emotional and sexual intimacy, or new skills to enhance your sexual experiences and heighten your passion. Sex coaching can help you gain the information and education you need to increase your confidence and help you make responsible choices. There is never any sexual contact in my office; instead, you will learn practices in a safe environment that you will practice with your partner in the privacy of your home.

    Coaching is about enhancing life and creating further growth. Coaching is not appropriate for all situations. It is not therapy so, if there are problems that need to be addressed, therapy may be recommended first.

    If you are interested in learning more about how coaching might work for you, please call me at 336-298-1222 or use the contact form.