Couple’s Private Workshops and Intensives

Marsha Rand Couples Workshop
Private Workshops and Intensives are uniquely designed and provided for one couple at the time. Relationships, like individuals, go through smooth times as well as challenging or difficult times. It is important to have the skills to navigate the times that can be challenging. Effective communication that includes empathic listening, negotiation, flexibility, clear intentions and intimacy are some keys to maintaining healthy relationships that support the growth of each individual and the couple. Relationships also have stages similar to the developmental stages of individuals. Without attention to maintaining intimacy (emotional and physical), relationships may become stagnant and the couple may drift apart over time. Some relationships experience crisis, such as affairs, that need emergency attention. An Intensive may help you save your relationship.

Couple’s Private Workshop

A Couple’s Private Workshop is an opportunity for you and your partner/spouse to focus on your relationship. Just like we all benefit from an annual physical or a car benefits from regular maintenance, relationships also need occasional attention and adjustments to keep them running smoothly. A private workshop is ideal for couples who wish to deepen their intimacy and enliven their sexual relationship. While Couples Private Workshops are individualized to address your specific concerns, most workshops include some of the following:

  • Building emotional intimacy through compassionate communication.
  • Increasing the art of empathic listening.
  • Learning and exploring new ways to deepen emotional and physical intimacy.
  • Exploring and releasing sexual fears and old limiting beliefs around sexuality.
  • Communicating your sexual desires.
  • Deepen your sexual knowledge of yourself and your partner.
  • Breath work that facilitates greater movement of sexual energy.
  • Being in the here and now rather than distractive thinking.

Once you decide that you would like to participate in a Couple’s Workshop, we will schedule an initial one hour consultation to discuss your specific goals for the experience. Following this conversation, I will create a proposed outline for the experience and share that with you. Once we have agreed on the terms, we will sign an agreement about the content and responsibilities and schedule your private workshop.

Couple’s Private Workshops typically begin Saturday morning and end Sunday at noon for a total of nine hours (including breaks). The initial consultation prior to meeting for the workshop is one hour and can take place in my office or by secure video. That is ten hours of individualized training and consultation. Workshops can be shorter or longer in duration than described here. If you would like to discuss other options, just let me know.

Couple’s Private Intensive

Couples who are in a critical situation, such as needing to recover from an affair or who are on the verge of separation, may benefit from an intensive period of counseling. This is a “relationship emergency” that needs immediate attention for more than the 45 minute weekly session of traditional counseling. Intensives may be scheduled without a lengthy wait time, if necessary.

Other couples who may benefit from an Intensive are those who find it very difficult to make a commitment to weekly sessions for couples therapy. Work schedules, child care and any number of other responsibilities make it seem impossible to find time and energy for weekly sessions and homework. It may be easier to set aside a weekend to focus on the health of the couple. A Private Intensive could be the perfect solution.

An Intensive may be the ideal alternative to traditional weekly therapy. The duration of Intensives are determined by your needs. An example of an Intensive is an event that takes place over three consecutive days and consists of twelve hours of counseling, therapy, coaching and education (four hours per day). The remainder of the day is open for you to take a break, process, and relax together. Respectful attention is given to each individual and the couple so that all have opportunities to learn, process and heal.

Benefits of Intensives may include:

  • De-escalation of a crisis.
  • Improved communication so that each person feels heard.
  • Destructive patterns are replaced with communication and behaviors that promote connection.
  • Identification of personal behaviors that contribute to relationship stress.
  • Healing of emotional and relational wounds.
  • Issues such as sexual pain, erratic erectile function, illness, low or no desire are addressed and ways to improve mutual pleasure and connection are explored.
  • Learn ways to connect that support the health of the relationship and the personal growth of each individual.
  • Begin the process of restoring trust and emotional safety.

Not all couple situations are appropriate for Intensives. An initial assessment prior to scheduling an Intensive will be used to determine if this approach is appropriate for your situation.

With an Intensive, a couple benefits from concentrated attention to the issues in their relationship without the distractions of everyday life. Intensives can be scheduled quickly when a couple needs immediate help. Follow-up sessions by secure video or in office are offered following the Intensive to assure that positive changes become a permanent part of relating.


If you are interested in learning more about Private Workshops and Private Intensives, please contact me at 910-444-1408. If you are ready to invest in your most important relationship, we can schedule your Workshop or Intensive with minimal wait. You can soon be creating a more deeply intimate and satisfying relationship.