• Book Recommendations

    Book Recommendations


    Sherts, M.

    Conscious communication

    Rosenburg, M.

    Non-violent communication

    Chapman, R.

    Healthy relationships: overcome anxiety, couple conflict, insecurity…


    Hendricks, G. & K.

    Conscious loving: the journey to co-commitment

    Hendricks, G. & K.

    Conscious loving ever after: how to create thriving relationships at midlife and beyond

    Scott, S. & Davenport, B.

    Mindful relationship habits: 25 practices for couples to enhance intimacy, nurture closeness, and grow a deeper connection

    Richo, D.

    How to be an adult in relationships: the five keys to mindful loving

    Chapman, G.

    The 5 love languages

    Gottman, J. & Silver, N.

    The seven principles for making marriage work

    Hendrix, H. & Hunt, H.

    Getting the love you want

    Johnson, S.

    Hold me tight

    Kusi, M. & A.

    Questions for couples: 469 thought-provoking conversations starters…


    Perel, E.

    The state of affairs

    Skinner, K.

    Treating trauma from sexual betrayal: the essential tools for healing

    Gardner, A.

    Healing From infidelity: how to recover from the heartbreak caused by your partner’s affair, rebuild trust and save your relationship

    Healing from Relationships

    Forward, S. & Frazier, D.

    Emotional blackmail

    Gibson, L.

    Adult children of emotionally immature parents: how to heal from distant, rejecting or self-involved parents

    Cloud, H. & Townsend, J.

    Boundaries: when to say yes, how to say no to take control of your life

    Clarke, L.

    Courage to cure co-dependency

    Sarkis, S.

    Gaslighting: recognize manipulative and emotionally abusive people - and break free

    Fjelstad, M.

    Healing from a narcissistic relationship: a caretaker’s guide…

    Ending Relationships

    Thomas, K.

    Conscious uncoupling

    Hartley, G. & Brower, E.

    Better apart: the radically positive way to separate

    Sexuality - General

    Joannides, P.

    Guide to Getting It On (6th ed)

    Davis, P.

    The passion parties guide to great sex

    Franklin, E.

    Pelvic power

    Kerner, I.

    She comes first

    Kerner, I.

    He comes next

    Nelson, T.

    Getting the sex you want

    Watson, L.

    Wanting sex again

    Resnick, S.

    The heart of desire

    Resnick, S.

    Body-to-body intimacy

    Keesling, B.

    Sexual healing

    Schnarch, D.

    Intimacy & desire

    Blakeway, J.

    Sex again: recharging your libido

    Siegal, S.

    Your brain on sex

    Snyder, S.

    Love worth making: …great sex…long-lasting relationship

    Strgar, W.

    Sex that works

    Firestone, Firestone et al.

    Sex & love in intimate relationships

    Sex: Illustrated

    Bastyra, J. & Lacroix, N.

    The good sex bible
    The men’s health & women’s health big book of sex

    Rinna, L. & Kerner, I.

    The big fun sexy sex book

    Harwick, A.

    The new sex bible for women

    Hooper, A.

    The ultimate sex book

    Sex & aging

    Price, J.

    Better than I expected: straight talk about sex after 60

    Block, J.

    Sex over 50

    Sex: Female

    Orenstein, P.

    Girls & sex

    Nagoski, E.

    Come as you are

    McCarthy, B. & McCarthy, E.

    Finding your sexual voice:celebrating female sexuality

    Ogden, G.

    The return of desire

    Goldstein, A. & Brandon, M.

    Reclaiming desire

    Blakeway, J.

    Sex again: recharging your libido

    Sheehy, G.

    Sex & the seasoned woman

    Riedl, M.

    Yoni massage: awakening female sexual energy

    Meston, C. & Buss, D.

    Why women have sex

    Katz, D. & Tabisel, R.

    Parting the curtains: a woman’s book of sex & sexuality

    Daedone, N.

    Slow sex; the art & craft of the female orgasm

    Foley, S., Kope, S., et al.

    Sex matters for women
    For yourself:the fulfillment of female sexuality

    Dodson, B.

    Sex for one

    Ladas, A., Whipple, B., et al.

    The G spot

    Sex: Male

    Orenstein, P.

    Boys & sex

    Morgentaler, A.

    The truth about men & sex

    Riedl, M. & Becker, J.

    Lingam massage

    Metz, M. & McCarthy, B.

    Coping with erectile dysfunction: how to regain confidence & enjoy great sex

    Metz, M. & McCarthy, B.

    Coping with premature ejaculation

    Kaplan, H. S.

    How to overcome premature ejaculation

    Painful Sex

    Coady, D. & Fish, N.

    Healing painful sex

    Prendergast, S. & Akincilar.

    Pelvic pain explained

    Bilheimer, Echenberg

    Secret suffering : how women’s sexual & pelvic pain affects their relationships

    Herrera, I.

    Ending female pain: a women’s manual

    Sex: illness

    Katz, A.

    Woman, cancer, sex

    Katz, A.

    Man, cancer, sex

    Katz, A.

    Breaking the silence on cancer & sexuality

    Katz, A.

    Sex when you’re sick

    Guntupalli, S. & Karinch, M.

    Sex and cancer: intimacy, romance and love after diagnosis and treatment

    Sex: Spiritual

    Sellers, T.S.

    Sex, God, and the conservative church: erasing shame from sexual intimacy

    Klein, L.

    Pure: inside the evangelical movement that shamed a generation of young women and how I broke free

    Ellens, J. H.

    Sex in the Bible

    Ellens, J. H.

    The spirituality of sex

    Hirsch, D.

    Redeeming sex

    Bishop, C.

    Sex & spirit

    Mirdad, M.

    An introduction to tantra & sacred sexuality

    Anand, M.

    The art of sexual magic

    Chia, M.

    Taoist secrets of love: cultivating male sexual energy

    Chia, M.

    Healing love through the Tao: cultivating female sexual energy

    Towler, S.

    The tao of intimacy & ecstasy: realizing the promise of spiritual union

    Sex: Consensual Nonmonogamy

    Hardy, J. & Easton, D.

    The ethical slut

    Anapol, T.

    Polyamory in the 21st century

    Aaron, M.

    Modern sexuality

    Veaux, F. & Rickert, E.

    More than two:…ethical polyamory

    Orion, R.

    A therapist’s guide to consensual nonmonogamy

    Sex: Kink

    Makai, M.

    Domination & submission: the BDSM relationship handbook (2013)

    Harris, S.

    Tongue tied: untangling communication in sex, kink and relationships

    Taormino, T.

    The ultimate guide to kink: bdsm, role play and the erotic edge


    Corwin, G.

    Sexual intimacy for women: a guide for same-sex couples

    Eriksen, T.

    Unconditional: a guide to loving and supporting your LGBTQ child

    Gainsburg, J.

    The savy ally: a guide for becoming a skilled LGBTQ+ advocate

    Erickson-Schroth, L.

    Trans bodies, trans selves: a resource for the transgender community


    Van der Kolk, B.

    The body keeps the score

    Levine, P.

    In an unspoken voice

    Levine, P.

    Waking the tiger

    Macfarlane, E.

    The sacred path beyond trauma: reaching the divine through nature’s healing symbols

    Naparstek, B.

    Invisible heroes: survivors of trauma & how they heal

    Parenting: Antiracism

    Harvey, Jennifer

    Raising White Kids: Bringing Up Children in a Racially Unjust America

    Kendi, Ibram X.

    Antiracist Baby

    Tatum, Beverly D.

    Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?