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    Intimate relationships can be a great source of fulfillment but can be very challenging when trying to balance responsibilities such as work, parenting, and caregiving. Life events such as illness or retirement can take a toll and leave little energy or time to pay attention to relationships. Sexual issues can create a sense of distance or interfere with an otherwise intimate connection.

    Are you feeling disconnected from your partner – lonely even though you’re in relationship?

    Are one or both of you avoiding talking about The Problem?

    Are you avoiding sex?

    Are sexual issues such as pain or low libido getting in the way of pleasurable physical intimacy?

    Do you wonder if your relationship is going to survive?

    Are you wanting a loving relationship but keep seeing the same old pattern in each dating relationship you have?

    If any of these questions sound familiar, consider giving me a call. My name is Marsha Rand. I have helped many couples and individuals address the issues that were keeping them distant so they could enjoy life more fully and have a greater sense of intimacy, both physically and emotionally. If you are not currently in a relationship, I can also help you with patterns or old emotional hurts that get in the way of loving relationships. Or if you or your partner are experiencing problems with sexual functioning or pleasure, I invite you to end the silent suffering. Please browse this site to learn more about how Counseling and Sex Therapy might be helpful. Then call me today to begin getting help with your concerns and restoring the joy in your life and relationship.

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